Hashing in on the vinyl boom.

With vinyl on course to become a billion dollar industry for the first time since the ‘80s, the time is ripe for limited-edition experiments on wax. We’ve already seen holograms and alien blood, but now one enterprising US band have seized on America’s increasingly relaxed cannabis laws to create the world’s first smokable record – made from $6,000 of hash.

Slightly Stoopid – who the Guardian point out make “a fusion of folk, rock, reggae and blues with hip-hop, funk, metal and punk” – have so far pressed two vinyl records from extra-resinous bubble hash, a cannabis strain that involves using a bucket of cold water to freeze and break off the THC-producing trichome glands from the plant.

The two prototype records, titled ‘Dabbington’, cost an additional $1,000 to press and master. According to the band’s manager, Jon Phillips, the first one, which produced a “passable sound”, didn’t last very long, as “the office potheads couldn’t help chipping away at it for their own enjoyment.”

A second pressing produced “questionable audio” so now the band are working on a third, which Phillips says will be auctioned off for charity or kept as “an art piece” – it won’t be hitting Discogs anytime soon.

“It’s all about putting two old-school vintage mediums together,” explains Phillips. “Vinyl is an old-school medium, and that’s how we feel about hashish, too.” [via Billboard]



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