The film will be presented as a “road trip” from New York to LA to Paris.

A new Prince documentary is currently in the works that will be “music-driven” with archive footage and interviews, as well as “animated sequences” capturing the late icon’s life.

As Screen Daily reports, Pop Life is being helmed by filmmaker Mathieu Bitton and journalist and TV producer Frédéric Bénudis. Bitton is a self-proclaimed “obsessed Prince fan,” whose personal collection of memorabilia includes a rare copy of the 1987 Black album which Prince cancelled at the last minute and ordered to be destroyed.

The filmmakers say Pop Life – named for Prince’s 1985 single – will be presented as a “road trip” from New York to LA to Paris, with spectators meeting fans, relatives and artists who influenced Prince – including Stevie Wonder – as well as contemporary artist fans along the way.

The animated segments, which have been created by filmmaker Joann Sfar, are there “to express Prince’s creativity and the parts of his life when he disappeared from the public eye,” according to Wild Bunch distribution company boss Vincent Maraval.

Maraval promises that the film “will be in the same vein as Amy” and that it will cover key moments from Prince’s “off-stage life,” including his legal disputes with Warner Bros., the symbol, the death of his son, and his Jehovah’s Witness faith. No details about the film’s release date have been confirmed as yet.

Prince split from his home of Warner Bros. in the mid-‘90s, condemning the major label for treating him like a “slave,” before he famously changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol. In 2014, he rejoined the label in a deal that saw him regain ownership of his catalog but remained suspicious of streaming, removing all his music from streaming services except Tidal in 2015.

However, all that is about to change. From tomorrow, Prince fans will be able to stream the legendary artist’s music on Spotify, with classic albums like 1999, Purple Rain, Dirty Mind and Sign o’ the Times, all appearing on the streaming service this Sunday.

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