Fans at Friday night’s gig claim the rapper has broken the terms of his contract.

YG reportedly broke the terms of a $60k contract to play his controversial 2016 track ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ at a college show on Friday night (March 3).

The video shoot for YG and Nipsey Hussle’s 2016 protest song was shut down by police last April with YG later telling TMZ that the Secret Service had contacted his label and asked to see the lyrics for the upcoming album. See the video below.

Compton rapper YG wrote the song prior to the US president’s election win, but has continued to play it in his live sets following Trump’s inauguration. Now fans at Friday’s San Diego State University GreenFest show are claiming that the rapper – who offered to play the track at Trump’s inauguration for $4 million – was reportedly under contract not to perform ‘FDT’ and has therefore waived his $60K fee in doing so.

San Diego State University has yet to make a statement. FACT has contacted a YG representative for comment.

Last month, anti-Trump protesters hacked US radio stations in conservative states to play the song on a loop. [via NME]

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