The Detroit rapper joins Stevie Wonder and Berry Gordy as previous awardees.

Big Sean received the key to his city, Detroit, on Saturday (April 1), making him the youngest person to receive the honor.

The 29-year-old Kanye West collaborator was commended specifically for “inspiring Detroit youth” through his philanthropic work with his foundation, The Sean Anderson Foundation.

“I’m the youngest person to receive this in the history of the city! Thank u for this monumental moment!,” wrote Sean on Instagram. He said that he was honored “for motivating the city through my music and messaging and starting an actual curriculum called “Mogul Prep” that teaches kids all the behind the scenes jobs available in the music industry and taught to them at a high school level.”

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, who has been in office since 2014, said Sean is the third recipient to whom he has presented the city’s key, following Stevie Wonder and Berry Gordy.

Last month, Fabolous was given the key to Brooklyn and honored at a ceremony at the Grand Courtroom in Brooklyn’s Borough Hall.

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