And he’s actually charging $9.11 for it. 

James Ferraro has dropped a new project on Bandcamp, titled Fanfare For The Boston Marathon 2017, to coincide with the 121st marathon that took place yesterday (April 17).

Ferraro is charging an eyebrow-raising $9.11 for the 13-minute classically-influenced instrumental piece that features regal sounding horns and earthy woodwind instruments.

The ever-chameleonic US artist told Pitchfork that he chose that specific price “to symbolize the significance of the marathon as part of a larger sociopolitical complex known as The Global War on Terror after 2013.” However, what he is really doing is reducing a catastrophic event to a crass joke intended to make money. Not cool.

This new release follows last year’s similarly classically-influenced Human Story 3 and Burning Prius, a pair of piano concertos.

Ferraro will be touring Europe with Ducktails and Spencer Clark this spring, including a London date on May 12 at The Lexington.

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