Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more ridiculous. 

News emerged today that Fyre Festival’s organizers are facing a $100 million lawsuit, but more interesting are reports that the festival in fact threatened its own legal action – against those who endured the event’s terrible conditions and had the nerve to live-tweet their experience.

Last weekend’s event was intended to be a luxurious getaway, but shortly after arriving the event descended into chaos with the whole debacle unfolding on Twitter, Reddit and other social media.

TMZ alleged today that the event’s lawyers have now sent at least one cease and desist letter, claiming that widespread reports on the eve of the festival that the festival site bore a resemblance to “refugee camp conditions” were untrue and could “incite violence, rioting, or civil unrest.”

Fyre Media, the company behind the festival, have yet to comment on this latest allegation, nor a leaked business plan which emerged online today, revealing the “preposterous” social media advertising scheme that broke advertising standards by failing to disclose its social posts were part of a marketing campaign. It’s also now reported that the event has been banned by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism from returning to put on their “rescheduled” event.



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