It comes from his new album, Windswept.

Johnny Jewel has shared ‘Television Snow’, a new track scheduled to appear on his forthcoming album, Windswept.

Windswept was announced last week, and features 14 solo tracks and collaborations, some of which will appear on the soon-to-be released third season of Twin Peaks. It also features tracks by Jewel’s Chromatics and Desire projects.

‘Television Snow’ is a collaboration with Italians Do It Better regulars Symmetry. The album also features tracks recorded with Glass Candy and recent signing Heaven.

Last week, Jewel’s manager Alexis Rivera explained that a “near death experience” in 2015 was the reason why Chromatics’ Dear Tommy album has been delayed so heavily.

According to Rivera, Jewel destroyed all copies of the album after the experience, but the album has been re-recorded and is expected to be released soon.

Listen to ‘Television Snow’ below and grab Windswept when it lands on May 10. Check the full tracklist below.


01. Johnny Jewel – ‘Television Snow’ (with Symmetry)
02. Johnny Jewel – ‘Windswept’
03. Desire – ‘Saturday’
04. Johnny Jewel – ‘Missing Pages’
05. Johnny Jewel – ‘The Crimson Kiss’
06. Johnny Jewel – ‘Strobe Lights’
07. Johnny Jewel – ‘Heaven’ (with Heaven)
08. Johnny Jewel – ‘Slow Dreams’
09. Johnny Jewel – ‘Insomnia’
10. Johnny Jewel – ‘Motel’ (with Glass Candy)
11. Johnny Jewel – ‘Between Worlds’
12. Johnny Jewel – ‘The Flame’
13. Johnny Jewel – ‘Stardust’
14. Chromatics – ‘Blue Moon’



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