Some “visual relief” for Chicago.

Chicago’s Trump Tower sign is to be blocked out by Pink Floyd-inspired golden pigs for 24 hours as part of an installation by architect Jeffrey Roberts.

As Architectural Digest reports, the art stunt, titled Flying Pigs on Parade – a Chicago River folly, will feature four 30 feet by 15 feet golden pigs tethered to buoys in the Chicago River. The pigs are intended to offer “visual relief to the citizens of Chicago by interrupting the view of the ostentatious Trump Tower Chicago sign.”

The artwork for Pink Floyd’s Animals, which turns 40 this year, was partly inspired by George Orwell’s Animal Farm and shows a balloon pig flying between the chimneys of London’s Battersea Power Station.

Flying Pigs on Parade takes direct inspiration from the album cover design and needed to be signed off by Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, who holds the image rights.

A date for the installation has yet to be confirmed, but the project’s website says Roberts is “negotiating a float date in late summer”.

Last month, the recording console used to make Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon sold at auction for a record-breaking $1.8 million. It was later revealed that the buyer wants to use the console to keep making music.



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