Sax ‘n’ synth drone.

Alex Zhang Hungtai retired his much-loved Dirty Beaches moniker back in 2014 and has been making music under various different aliases since then, including Last Lizard.

Now Hungtai returns under a different guise as Love Theme – a trio with band members Austin Milne and Simon Frank.

Love Theme came into being following an improvised session with twin saxophones, synth, percussion, drum machine and vocals and then was edited remotely from the trio’s respective home cities of London, LA and Taipei.

According to the press release, the record follows a travel narrative, “moving across a series of landscapes, reflecting the innate experiences of the expressions and voices that were first collected in South London back in February 2015.”

Check out first track ‘Desert Exile’ below and pick up a copy from Alter on June 23.



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