“This is a special one.”

Lorde has dropped the next single from her highly anticipated new album Melodrama.

Posting on Facebook, the New Zealand star describes how ‘Perfect Places’ was written last summer when she was living in New York. “I couldn’t shake the feeling that everyone I knew or saw was searching for something – trying to transcend the news and the screaming pavements, drinking that one drink hoping it’d get them someplace higher,” she recalls.

She continues: “This song comes from that endless cycle of evenings and the violent heat of the summer. It took us a very long time to get right, from an aching piano demo to where is it now. It’s close to my heart. I hope you like it.”

‘Perfect Places’ is the final track on the new album and follows previously released singles ‘Green Light‘ and ‘Liability’. Melodrama is released on June 16.

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