Lopatin shed some light on the forthcoming collaboration during his Reddit AMA.

Oneohtrix Point Never has said his forthcoming collaboration with David Byrne is coming “very soon.”

In May, Byrne revealed that he had written words and a melody over a track that Oneohtrix Point Never aka Daniel Lopatin had sent him. Lopatin has now discussed the collaboration and described working with Byrne as “one of the true highlights of my life.”

Speaking during yesterday’s (August 15) Reddit AMA, Lopatin said Byrne “was working on his solo album (his first in a very long time) and he invited me to have a listen.” He added that he later “started tinkering around on a few pre-existing songs,” before suggesting that the pair “make one from scratch” and record “a couple” of tracks together. Lopatin has promised that we’ll “hear the tracks very soon”.

The Good Time artist also revealed during his AMA that he has a fake band with Arca called Electronic Zaddy and that his favorite artist currently is James Ferraro.

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