The Houston-born producer had an “epiphany” following comments he made after the 2015 Paris attacks.

Levon Vincent has announced a new album, For Paris, which is out digitally next week.

Writing on Facebook today (September 20), the US techno producer explains the concept behind the album, which he said is inspired by the “horrible comments” he made in the wake of the 2015 Paris terror attacks.

Following the devastating attacks, in which 89 people were killed after gunmen opened fire at an Eagles of Death Metal concert, Vincent wrote a controversial Facebook post suggesting people arm themselves against in the fight against future attacks.

Vincent has now apologized for the comments, stating how the experience inspired him to make “something which could benefit everyone around the world.” He aims “to ignite a new peace movement with my music and this message here… I learned a difficult lesson and I didn’t take it lightly—I hope that is reflected in the music I am presenting to you.”

“What if I could aide in bringing forth a new movement via the techno subculture?,” he adds. “Or by adding to peace In the world any way I could. One can only either build or destroy. I chose to try to build.”

For Paris will be available next week, with a vinyl version coming in December.

Levon Vincent’s debut album was released in 2015.



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