Photography by: Vicky Grout

Ed and Tom Russell drop Arla III in November.

UK techno siblings Tessela and Truss return with another release from their collaborative project Overmono on November 24, marking the third and final EP in the Arla series for XL Recordings.

Ed and Tom Russell debuted the Overmono project last year, adding a more explicit rave influence to their established sound – something that’s also explored in their new record.

Arla III, like the previous two records in the series, is a culmination of our combined influences. A representation of our memories – both real and false, of UK rave culture,” the duo explain in a press release.

“These records have been informed as much by fantasy as they are real memories. The result of us piecing together our experiences of growing up and going out to raves in the Welsh countryside.

“It’s 5am, you’re in a field on the outskirts of Monmouth, surrounded by rolling hills and you’re not entirely sure if the sun is coming up or going down. It’s cracked, disconnected and completely rose tinted, because that’s how we remember these experiences.”

Arla III will be launched with the first night in London for the duo’s Poly Kicks label, taking place at Low Profile Studios on November 25 – details here. The video for Arla III track ‘Inulin’ comes from Aphex Twin AV collaborator Weirdcore, who will also DJ at the launch party – watch that below and pre-order the record here.


01 ‘Inulin’
02 ‘Phase Magenta’
03 ‘Pom’
04 ‘Harp Open’

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