Jai and A.K. Paul’s mysterious hit factory appears to be up and running.

Jai Paul and his brother A.K. Paul have released new music from two artists involved in their elusive Paul Institute collective.

They include ‘Mystery’ by Fabina Palladino, a London-based singer who has previously worked with Sampha and Jessie Ware, and ‘Evil’ by Ruthven, a professional firefighter who began making music in his sparetime working nightshifts. ‘Mystery’ also credits Jai as a co-writer and engineer, while ‘Evil’ credits A.K. for the same.

Fans who signed up on its website have received texts containing instructions on how to log-in and hear the tracks. They mark the second and third releases from The Paul Institute after A.K. Paul released his debut single ‘Landcruisin’ last year.

Earlier this week, it was reported the brothers have set up a physical headquarters for their institute in an old discotheque in the former BBC Media Village. The article describes the project as a collective of “musicians, artists and technologists” with the aim to support new British musicians.

Revisit the first Paul Insititute release from last year below and learn more (but not much more) on this website.



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