Ten tracks “recorded primarily with the DJ in mind”.

Anthoney J Hart’s third album as Basic Rhythm will arrive on Planet Mu in May.

According to the label, On The Threshold features 10 “colourful, brutalist and adventurous” tracks that touch on the project’s usual reference points of drum and bass, jungle and hardcore.

On The Threshold is the first Basic Rhythm album since 2017’s The Basics, which arrived on Type. Although On The Threshold is the first Basic Rhythm record on Planet Mu, Hart has already released an album on the label – 2018’s Red, White & Zero under his East Man alias.

Hart also released a Basic Rhythm record on Warp’s Arcola imprint earlier this year.

On The Threshold is released on May 10. Check out the artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘St. Fabian Tower’
02. ‘Yeah, I Like It’
03. ‘Slice Neck’
04. ‘I Want You’
05. ‘A New Consciousness’
06. ‘Edge Of Darkness’
07. ‘Buss It’
08. ‘The Kru’
09. ‘Fi Di Gyal’
10. ‘The Light’

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