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FACT mix 729: Estoc

Hybrid hardstyle alchemist Estoc slathers uptempo bangers in white noise and euphoric screams on this death-defying showcase of parallel club futures.

Philadelphia’s Estoc has been producing music for over a decade now, with this project being the most recent incarnation of her artistic process.

The moniker is a smart reference to a sword with a pointed blade, used for piercing heavy armor. Dark Souls players may find it familiar, but Estoc had something else in mind when she chose the name. “This idea of creating a tool to defeat those with more power and protection than you is really appealing to me,” she told The Astral Plane in 2017. “It fits into the narrative of anti-fascist and anti-imperialist ideology.”

In the last few years, Estoc’s output has skewered the mainstream impressively. She has released a slew of unmissable edits, juxtaposing pop with hardstyle, gabber, metal and noise, and collaborated with Kilbourne, Endgame and DJ Haram. Her mixes have illustrated her activism and struggles with mental health, and earlier this summer she released the unmissable CCT EP, a collaboration with Precolumbian, on Riobamba’s APOCALIPSIS imprint to wide acclaim.

Estoc’s FACT mix is an unmissable trip through unstable territory, blasting through sheet noise and metal, stepping into the global dance continuum and emerging in a dense, druggy haze of hybridized hardstyle kicks and gurgling gabber. It’s the soundtrack to everything you know crumbling away in blissful, grinning chaos.


01. Bliss Signal – ‘Floodlight’ (Estoc Edit)
02. Varg / @skaeliptom2 – ‘Varg2 – (+46) Placing My Iphone X Facing Up To See When U Answer My Texts / Exploited Body & APEAK (+358) Remix
03. Osheyack (feat. Nahash) – ‘Writhe’
04. Cnámha – ‘Hardcore Pleasure Mastering’
05. The Empire Line (feat. Merzbow) – ‘Nothing is Forgotten, Nothing is Forgiven’
06. Syntrovert – ‘Vault’ (Imaabs Remix)
07. NA – ‘Brass Claim’
08. GRRL – ‘Drill’
09. Leonce – ‘Shade Incarnate’ (Instrumental)
10. MM – ‘Terrible Muscle’
11. CyberSonicLA – ‘Tommy Kid – Psychom’
12. Bored Lord – ‘BoDiEs’
13. Rizzla & Kilbourne – ‘Strega Titania v 7.4 (ozone)’
14. Estoc – ‘What a Horrible Night to Revolt’ (False Witness x Black Dahlia Murder)
15. FAKETHIAS – ‘161 Reasons to Smile More’
16. DJ Dione vs Dr. Z-Vago – ‘I Will Not Be Punished’
17. Meccano Twins – ‘WTFisthis #TIH’ (Album Version)
18. Ophidian and Ruffneck – ‘Noisemaker’ (Meccano Twins VIP)
20. MM – ‘WW5’
22. Jigga – ‘Nitya’
23. Balasa – ‘Brishti’
24. Angerfist & Drokz – ‘Deathmask’
25. Miss K8 – ‘Battlefield’
28. Angerfist – ‘Vato’ (Hardbouncer Remix)
29. Kilbourne – ‘There Is No Ocean’
30. Exploited Body – ‘Threnody’ (feat. APEAK)
31. Estoc – ‘YOU DON’T MEAN NOTHIN AT ALL’ (Nelly Furtado x The Body)
32. Estoc – ‘Carrion’

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