Press photo by: Marie Staggat

The newfound duo heads to Dekmantel for its first release.

Kangding Ray and Sigha will release their debut EP as Neon Chambers next month on Dekmantel.

Titled One, the EP will touch on genres including rave, two-step and IDM. They’re all fairly familiar territories between the duo: Kangding Ray’s background is in experimental sonics, while Sigha deals in abstract, boundary-pushing techno. Listen to preview snippets below.

Earlier this year, Kangding Ray launched his new label ara, a platform for “organic, emotional club music, for the body and mind”, with his Predawn Qualia EP.

One will be released on November 4 via Dekmantel. Pre-order it here.


A1. ‘Apollo’
A2. ‘Cascade’
B1. ‘What It Takes’
B2. ‘Your Touch’
B3. ‘Helles’

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