It’s qualified for the Oscars shortlist.

Afrodeutsche has scored a new, Oscars-qualifying documentary about a girl skateboarder in India.

Kamali, directed by Sasha Rainbow, follows its titular subject — a seven-year-old who is the only girl skateboarder in her town in India — and her single mother, who advocates for her daughter in hopes that it will break their cycle of poverty. The 24-minute film has won a handful of awards on the festival circuit, including Best Short Documentary at Atlanta Film Festival and Raindance Film Festival, qualifying it for the 2020 Oscars shortlist.

“It was great to get into the studio and play around with native strings and some native piano stuff, too,” Afrodeutsche told Spirit Studios of the project.

Earlier this year, the British producer’s RR01 EP launched Eclair Fifi’s River Rapid label. In 2020, she’s slated to play Berlin’s CTM festival.

Watch the trailer for Kamali below, and find the full film on Huffington Post.

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