Click through the video link to see the track’s poetic lyrics.

London-based producer and vocalist LA Timpa has shared a video for their track ‘Fertile’, directed by Kathryn Tompkins and shot by Sarah Cameron.

The song can be found on their 2019 album Equal Amounts Afraid for new label O___o?, which Boomkat affectionately describes as “introspective and avant like that gorgeous Soaring Wayne Phoenix or Klein’s psyched chop-ups, as sensuous as Blood Orange, but with a taste for expressively harmonized pop refrains that clearly recall Yves Tumor via Richard Youngs.”

The video follows other Equal Amounts Afraid visuals for ‘Around’, also directed by Tompkins, and the Rosie Marks-directed ‘Core’ produced by NTS Radio’s artist development program Work In Progress.

Equal Amounts Afraid is available now.

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