“All we have is the internet / Limitless at our fingertips”.

Sudan Archives has released a video for ‘Limitless’ from her Stones Throw stunner Athena, one of our favorite albums of 2019.

Director Femke Huurdeman explains how the video portrays Sudan “as a fiery vampire queen, showing clearly her dark side whilst singing about more vulnerable emotions.”

“It’s about opposite elements and how, as a person, you can feel torn between multiple feelings. It’s not choosing one over the other, but it’s about embracing we all have different layers, and once you know that, you can accept those complexities.”

Dancers Aina Coll and Afrika Nguema beautifully represent these dualities, as well as Sudan’s own experience of being a twin. And, carrying on these mirroring themes, the video ends with a taste of another Athena track ‘Honey’.

Head here to hear the album in full and watch our recent video feature with Sudan Archives below.

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