Download Jai Paul's long-anticipated debut album / mixtape

Update: According to Jai Paul, the album was illegally leaked. More here.

When we asked XL about the possibility of mystery man Jai Paul’s long-awaited debut album dropping in April – as  some claimed it would – they told us that although they couldn’t see it happening, Jai Paul has a habit of surprising them.

And true to form, the man behind past singles ‘Jasmine (Demo)’ and Drake favourite ‘BTSU” has uploaded a 16-track collection of songs to Bandcamp, simply titled Jai Paul. You can stream it for free and download it for ₤7. As for whether this represents Paul’s full debut album, which has been slated for release through XL for several years? If anything, it’s more of a mixtape: according to Crack in the Road, who’ve done some snooping that suggests that it was uploaded by Jai Paul himself (rather than a faker who’s got his hands on Paul’s material), the bitrate varies from track to track, and some of the material here is clearly at the demo stage.

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