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Flying Lotus writing jazz album, working with Madlib and HudMo, prepping Brainfeeder compilation

With Until The Quiet Comes now long behind him, Steven Ellison has gone in-depth on his upcoming plans. 

Last we heard from Ellison, he was producing Thundercat’s forthcoming LP and playing mentor to Earl Sweatshirt. Speaking to Brightest Young Things [via Pitchfork], the producer has offered up hints regarding a glut of current projects. The biggest revelation is the interesting (if not entirely unexpected) news that he’s currently working on a “crazy jazz album” with a rotating cast. He promises something of a “geek album”:

Right now, I’m on my jazz shit, man. I’m doing a lot of jazz stuff. We’re trying to make something that’s kind of a geek album. There are crazy time signatures and really intense playing, just because we want to go there. We want to play really fast. It’s gonna be fun, man… At the moment, there’s a lot of people involved.

Ellison also revealed that a new Captain Murphy tape is currently under construction, and will feature supplementary beats from Madlib, Hudson Mohawke and Brainfeeder staple Jeremiah Jae. A Brainfeeder compilation is in the pipeline to celebrate five years of label operations. Last but not least, he also confirmed earlier rumours that he has been working in the studi0 with jazz legend Herbie Hancock.

Not content with simply offloading a bumper haul of news, Ellison has also uploaded a new track with unit-shifting Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller. ‘S.B.S’ sees FlyLo on a ‘Robo Tussin’ tip, all soupy organs and gleaming surfaces. Miller’s an acquired taste, but he acquits himself handsomely – his verse is basically a Talib Kweli karaoke job, but he wears the beat well.



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