The ARTPOP star gets wild in the country to practise The Abramovic Method.

Lady Gaga yells, stares, strips off and hugs a block of ice in this NSFW video created for a Kickstarter campaign to build an institute for performance art in New York.

Guided by the groundbreaking Serbian artist Marina Abramovic, famous for her long duration performances which often threaten her with serious physical damage (like giving her audience a gun and a bullet), Gaga is seen performing a series of exercises designed by Abramovic to cleanse the practitioner of negative worldly influences.

These techniques include saying ‘ahh’ for as long as possible (Gaga is extremely talented at this, naturally), wearing pointy yellow spikes over your eyes while standing in a river, and wrapping your naked body around a block of ice.

Head to the Kickstarter page to find out more and donate to the Marina Abramovic Institute campaign – all backers will receive a hug from the artist.

The two performers have known each other for some time; they previously both took part in a marathon reading of the sci-fi novel Solaris. Abramovic also counts Jay Z among her celebrity friends, having taken part in his Abramovic-inspired performance-art-slash-promotional-stunt for the ‘Picasso Baby’ single last month.

Gaga’s new album ARTPOP, billed as a “reverse Warholian expedition”, is due out in November.



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