Ital returns with "psychedelic" third album <em>Endgame</em>

Daniel Martin-McCormick returns to Planet Mu.

Following a smattering of EPs and singles on Workshop and Lovers Rock over the past year, New York producer Ital has announced his third album is due out on September 8.

The hardware-centred Endgame is inspired by “recent excursions into psychedelics, ‘apocalyptic’ strains of minimalist composition, and his sense of ‘eerily ubiquitous post-globalization culture-leveling’, as the label notes. Mixed with help from LA synth artist M. Geddes Gangras, Endgame shoots for “deeper, more penetrating emotional melodic clarity” than his previous albums as Ital, 2012’s double whammy of Dream On and Hive Mind.

Watch Ital and his visual collaborator Aurora Halal on FACT TV discussing recording with Hieroglyphic Being and how to make an electronic live show work. [via RA]


01 Relaxer
02 Endgame
03 Whispers in the Dark
04 Coagulate
05 Dancing
06 Concussion
07 Beacon
08 White II
09 Black Dust
10 Oche



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