Promises includes building a wall to keep New Yorkers out of LA and putting more cowbell on the next album.

Would Ariel Pink, the politician, get your vote? That’s the question that was posed on the musician’s Facebook page last night in a post (from Ariel Pink Campaign Headquarters) suggesting a potential political run.

Pink is no stranger to putting his foot in his mouth publicly, but American politics lately that’s actually been beneficial.

“Those of you who are residents in Los Angeles County, USA — please consider the anticipation … OUR, revelation is a revolution!,” the post says while thanking people for feedback and asking to “stay tuned for more”.

Though clearly in the early stages, Pink’s platform includes ideas such as building a wall along the California borders of Arizona and Nevada to “keep New York refugees off our street’ (referring to the common Los Angeles in-joke about the increasingly high number of New Yorkers moving to the West coast) and promises one to grant the wish of one prospective voter demanding “more cowbell on the next album”.

We’ll have to stay tuned for more, but hopefully the campaign won’t get in the way of a new album. For all of Pink’s antics his music has never been better and his last album pom pom landed in our top 10 records of 2014.



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