“This will not be your typical stage show,” says Chief Manny.

Chicago-based footwork crew The Era are planning a live stage show called IN THE WURKZ.

Debuting at Chicago’s Hamilton Park on August 27, the free show will feature new choreography, music videos, and performances by the Teklife collaborators.

A huge part of IN THE WURKZ will embody “what it’s like being a footworker from Chicago,” co-founder Chief Manny told The FADER. “Everything isn’t literal, but throughout the show you’ll see things that represent us coming from practicing in alleys to an actual art gallery. This will not be your typical stage show.”

“Have no expectation to what you’ll see. We might not dance at all.

Litebulb said: “It’s what Miah and DJ Rashad would have wanted, our brothers. Debuting the show for our communities first, it allows us to show the deep connection to our culture and submerge the newcomers to our world. Should be dope!” Watch a preview clip of IN THE WURKZ below.

Now watch a tour diary from The Era and learn the basic steps of Chicago footwork from two dance pros.




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