Featuring vocals from a vintage MC and a “post-grime poet”.

Shadowy UK house producer Moiré has announced the follow-up to his striking 2014 debut LP on Actress’s Werkdiscs label, Shelter.

Due on February 17, 2017, No Future keeps up the London-based producer’s steady release rate following last year’s Gel EP on R&S and this year’s Lines + Colours EP on Ghostly offshoot Spectral Sound.

The album’s bleak title “state[s] the obvious”, says the label. “It’s the way the whole world thinks,” adds Moiré. “It’s almost like we’re in this mad cycle. In a way, we have no choice — we either adapt to the situation or we’re dead. That’s it.”

The album features contributions from MC DRS, a longtime collaborator of LTJ Bukem who appears on first single ‘Lost You’ and on ‘Bootleg’, and “post-grime poet” James Massiah on ‘Facade’.

Also inspired by the sci-fi stories of Philip K. Dick, No Future “is about where we are as a society right now,” the producer adds. “It makes me think of four words: fear, hypocrisy, inequality, and lies.”

Stream the melancholy ‘Lost You’ featuring DRS below and see the tracklist and artwork underneath. Catch up with Moiré’s FACT mix and our 2015 interview.



01. ‘Sequence 1’
02. ‘Lost You’ (ft. DRS)
03. ‘Secret Window’
04. ‘Opium’
05. ‘Casual’
06. ‘Magma Dream’
07. ‘Jupiter’
08. ‘Opposites’
09. ‘Bootleg’ (ft. DRS)
10. ‘Facade’ (ft. James Massiah)
11. ‘System 100’
12. ‘Auteur (Outro)’

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