Are we getting closer to the new album?

The xx recently shared a playlist of songs that have been inspiring them, including picks from FACT favourites Jenny Hval and Alicia Keys. Last week the band dropped a mysterious minute-long track into the playlist, leading fans to believe it could be the first material from their new album, and yesterday (November 6) they replaced the first clip with another 55-second snippet.

While the tracks are listed under the same title and same artist, the newer clip features reverb-drenched vocals platformed by a backdrop of guitar drone. It is also copyrighted under Young Turks, The xx’s record label.

Listen below.

Having announced their first live dates since 2014 at the end of September, The xx – whose last album Coexist was released in 2012 – revealed in October that they are currently in the studio working on their third album. If the record is at all related to the two snippets of music the band have recently shared, then we’re in for something special.

Rewind to hear The xx’s FACT mix, which we posted in 2009 – not long before they stormed the indie scene with their celebrated debut album.



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