Former NWA meets retired NBA for the 3-on-3 competition featuring Gary Payton, Jason Williams and more.

Ice Cube is developing a summertime basketball league featuring retired NBA players.The league, titled BIG3, is said to have already signed up Kenyon Martin, Stephen Jackson, Jason Williams and more. Defensive legend Gary Payton has reportedly signed up as one of the team coaches.

Speaking to The Vertical, the rapper and actor explained: “I thought of this concept as a fan who got sick of seeing his heroes retire and not play anymore. A lot of these guys can still play…  just not the back-to-backs or four games in five nights.”

‪The BIG3 is coming… Learn more in January.‬ Link in bio for more.

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The plan is for BIG3 to travel from city to city, featuring 3-on-3, half-court matches between eight different teams. While the launch of the league hasn’t been announced yet, a website has been launched with a mailing list for updates as soon as they emerge.

The news caps off a year of variety for Cube, from declaring former British chancellor George Osborne to be “his homie” through to teaming up with VH1 for tantalizing game show Hip Hop Squares, on to more recently assuming the role of Fagin in a Disney adaptation of Oliver Twist.



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