Somebody give Brick City Records a call.

The “Lego robotic band” who recently covered Daft Punk’s ‘Da Funk’ have dropped another, even more apt cover – the mighty Kraftwerk’s 1978 track ‘The Robots’.

The Toa Mata Band figures, as they’ve been named by their creator, Italian sound artist Giuseppe Acito, are made from Lego’s Bionicle range and are controlled by an Arduino microprocessor.

Acito provides vocals for the band’s latest cover song, having previously covered ‘Everything Counts’ by Depeche Mode, along with Daft Punk. Kraftwerk’s ‘The Robots’ is renamed ‘The Man and the Machines’ here, and features xylophone, pocket synths and robot arms as well as a crew of creepy, Puppet Master-esque toys

“I was 11 when during a Sunday afternoon of 1978 Kraftwerk appeared for the first time in an Italian TV show,” wrote Acito about his life-long dream to see “a real functioning” live band of robots performing the song. “For me it was a dazzling discovery, one that has changed my life, so I went into my room, took a tape and recorded the audio from the TV speaker!! I still keep that precious recording and I’ve played it again and again for a long time.” Watch the video below.

Maybe Kraftwerk have found the perfect support for their upcoming 2017 dates. [via Mixmag]

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