The Based God’s Curse proves to be real, as Durant finally takes home a ’ship the season after it was lifted.

Believe in the power of Lil B. Last night marked the end of the 2016-17 NBA season when the Golden State Warriors finished the Finals with four wins and one loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. One of the key factors in Golden State’s dominance is small forward Kevin Durant.

For the uninitiated Durant is new to the California squad, signing with them last year after his career team the Oklahoma City Thunder just couldn’t win a championship. While many basketball fans can rattle off stats and other convoluted reasons why Durant hasn’t been able to get a ring, real heads know he’s been hindered by the Based God’s Curse. And now the curse is truly, officially over.

For five years, Lil B had warned Durant that he would never win a championship because he said that Lil B was a bad rapper. In that time, Durant and the Thunder only made it to the ’ship once, in 2012, but they ultimately lost it all to the Miami Heat. (You can read more about the Based God’s Curse in this nifty explainer we published about it last year.)

After Durant signed with Golden State, who play in Lil B’s hometown of Oakland, Based God found it within himself to forgive Durant’s sins and the curse was lifted. Now Durant has won his first championship and was named the Finals MVP. The curse had to have been real. We will never doubt you, Lil B.

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