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Listen, I know this isn’t a sports site, but this tickles me: there is allegedly a rap track recorded by NBA superstars and current rivals Kevin Durant (Golden State Warriors) and LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers) floating around somewhere, as reported by ESPN.

Durant (who you may remember from the Based God’s Curse) and James (who you may know because he is extremely famous) are currently opposing each other in the NBA Finals but many anonymous sources have recently revealed that the two recorded a track together back in 2011.

“Both players are music junkies, and in between workouts they decided to kill some time [during a strike] by writing their own lyrics and heading to the booth,” ESPN reports. “One person who has heard the song says he recalls Durant rapping the first verse, James hopping on for the second and then Durant finishing it off.”

According to the report, another anonymous source said the song is “surprisingly well-crafted and delivered,” which is a surprise because most rap made by basketball players is completely terrible. (Sorry, Shaq.)

If the song is actually good, that would make two members of the Cavs pretty proficient rappers. Their current shooting guard Iman Shumpert (who you may know from Kanye West’s ‘Fade’ video) has released some fairly quality mixtapes.

Btw, FACT supports the Golden State Warriors. Prince would have, too.

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