If you don’t already know this rising Glaswegian duo, this video’s a good place to start.

Known for their mesmerising live performances and excellent releases on Optimo’s So Low Records and Night School Records, Scottish pair Happy Meals have been on a steady upward trajectory since forming in 2014. In June, the two-piece – aka Suzanne Rodden and Lewis Cook – released Full Ashram Devotional Ceremony Volumes IV-VI, originally conceived as a cassette voyage into intense krautrock and strange, hypnotic melodies that was released as one long-form piece of music, rather than split into tracks.

‘May You Be The Mother’ was one of the highlights from that album, and now comes with a video, shot in London’s Paradise Park in the early hours of the morning after a long train ride from Glasgow.

“We jumped the fence at 2am, snuck the park’s play area and quietly set up ready for the 4:47am sunrise,” the band told us. “We eventually began shooting at 10am, by which point an audience of baiting mothers and babies had gathered to watch, equally sleep deprived, urging us with fifty stares to if not impale ourselves on the nearest sharp implement, at least finish and leave.”

Watch the new video above, and be sure to catch Happy Meals on their upcoming European tour with Liars this October. Check out the band playing live from our Optimo 20 live stream below.



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