Essaka Hoisa is out November 15.

Shigeru Ishihara (DJ Scotch Egg / Seefeel) and Kiki Hitomi (King Midas Sound) are set to release a new album as WaqWaq Kingdom.

Out November 15 via Phantom Limb, Essaka Hoisa’s self-described “minyo footwork”, sees the pair “draw influences and imagery from traditional Japanese history and mythology”, alongside techno, footwork, dancehall and contemporary electronic music, according to the press release.

Watch the part-animated video for lead single ‘Doggy Bag’, which was created by Alpha Lubicz. See the album artwork and tracklist below. Pre-order the album from Bandcamp.


01. ‘Mum Tells Me’
02. ‘Doggy Bag’
03. ‘Itakadimasu’
04. ‘Gift From God’
05. ‘Third Eye’
06. ‘GaGa Qu’
07. ‘Hototogisu’
08. ‘Circle of Life’
09. ‘Warg’
10. ‘Medicine Man’

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