We pick out some of our favourite videos and documentaries from the FACT vault.

In 2015, FACT presented Litefeet: Sound of the Subway, a documentary co-directed by Ezra Marcus and KJ Rothweiler, about an art form that dominates the New York underground.

Like footwork and Baltimore club, Litefeet is both a genre of music and a style of dance: 100-BPM tracks that soundtrack an acrobatic take on b-boying and popping that has found a home in the New York subways. 

Marcus told FACT: “Last summer, a friend from Europe asked if I’d ever heard Litefeet music before. When I told him I hadn’t, he seemed surprised — “You live in New York, and you haven’t heard Litefeet?!”

“When my friend played a few tracks I realized that, in fact, I had heard Litefeet. Hundreds of times. So has everyone else in New York who takes the train. The beats were immediately recognizable from the acrobatic subway dance performances you see daily on the train, beats blasting from cheap blue radio amps.”


HannBeats – ‘Willy Wrap’
Kid the Wiz – ‘The Ender’
Webstar & Young B – ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’
Webstar – ‘5000’
D. Cole feat. Nino MAn – ‘Come On’
HannBeats – ‘Keep it Locked’
Lil Live & Kid the Wiz – ‘Do it for the Vine’
Paul Gee – ‘Neva Gon Leave (Unstoppable Prelude)’

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