Taken from the Berlin-based producer’s new EP, Dedicated 2 Disrespect.

LSDXOXO has shared a steamy visual accompaniment to his hotly-anticipated kink anthem ‘SICK BITCH’. Pairing pounding pop techno with unapologetic eroticism, the track perfectly encapsulates the tumescent energy of his legendary Floorgasm party. “I wanted to make a Dance Mania pop anthem with vocals that had the playfulness and vulgarity of Chicago ghetto house,” the producer explains.

Conceptualising the video alongside Mischa Notcutt, LSDXOXO has tapped directors Pe Ferreira and Enantios Dromos of Limitrofe Television for the sensual video, which features sleazy, DIY footage of a host of gorgeous friends and lovers writhing around in haut couture.

‘SICK BITCH’ is taken from the producer’s new EP, Dedicated 2 Disrespect, his first official release to feature both original productions and his own vocals, developing the sound of his essential 2020 mixtape, Waiting 2 Exhale.

Dedicated 2 Disrespect is out on May 14, via XL Recordings.

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