Starting with a new version of ‘Famous’.

Last week, Kanye West tweeted that he was still working on final mixes of The Life of Pablo. According to Reddit user Jay Elect, as found by Pigeons and Planes, there is a new version of ‘Famous’ on Tidal now:

“Famous just got patched. 1:23-1:25 and 1:49-1:51 are changed. “She in school to be a real estate agent/last month I helped her with the car payments” and the transition to the bam bam breakdown is changed.

1:01 – 1:17 is also different. Sounds like Nina Synomes [sic] vocals are layered under Rihanna’s. Rihanna’s vocals in general have a lot more reverb. Not as ear piercingly loud as she was before.”

We’ll keep you most as more changes.

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