Cloud rap innovators Main Attrakionz are back in the saddle with ‘I.C.E.’, this time joined by genre-hopping production duo Grown Folk.

Culled from their collaborative (and very appropriately titled) Cloud City EP, ‘I.C.E. is a perfect bite sized taste of its sound, with Grown Folk laying down a spacious, icy cool electronic backdrop for Mondre M.A.N. and Squadda B to pretty much run rampage over.

Those of you who preferred the weirder, earlier Main Attrakionz releases and were left a little cold by last year’s relatively straightforward Bossalinis & Fooliyones will likely be very pleased to hear them tackle something like this once more, and accompanied by a video that’s just about as weird as the duo themselves, looking like a demo for the Commodore Amiga’s Video Toaster hardware or a Oneohtrix Point Never promo, it just all seems to consolidate very well indeed. [via GorrillaVsBear]

Cloud City drops on March 11 on Templar Sound.



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