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Premiere: celebrate spring with Bobby Browser's 'As Far As I Know', out soon on 100% Silk

The latest dispatch from Amanda Brown’s not-house depository is surprisingly upfront in its intentions.

The lead track on Oakland producer Andre ‘Bobby Browser’ Ferreira’s forthcoming Still Browsing EP, ‘As Far As I Know’, is an effusive house track with a 90s dance-pop flavor: cascading snares, crystalline diva chants, and a hands-in-the-air energy befitting the first day of spring.

It may be a little surprising, then, that Still Browsing is due out (on April 2) via 100% Silk, an imprint that has made its bones with often gauzy, often noisy contortions of dance floor tropes. Still, it does share the label’s anything-goes ethos, running from the unabashed disco of ‘Theme From Tony’s Party’ to the jazzy noodling of ‘Baby Dre’. Stream ‘As Far As I Know’ below; the EP’s art and tracklist follow.

01 As Far As I Know
02 Airplane Mode
03 Theme From Tony’s Party
04 Baby Dre

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