Further details have arrived about Reincarnated, Snoop Dogg’s controversial Rastafari safari.

Reincarnated now has some cover art and a full tracklisting. As reported, Busta Rhymes, Drake and Snoop’s daughter Cori B all feature. As not reported, Akon, Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus will also make appearances. A smattering of Jamaican singers and toasters are also on board, including Jahdan Blakkamoore and Mr Vegas.

Reincarnated will see release on April 23; the cover art is above. Snoop recently found himself interpolated into his own beat’em up, Way Of The Dogg. If both of the above news items have a whiff of novelty about them, never fear: he’s also pitching in on hip-hop flamingo RiFF-RaFF’s forthcoming studio album.

01 Rebel Way
02 Here Comes the King [ft. Angela Hunte]
03 Lighters Up [ft. Mavado & Popcaan]
04 So Long [ft. Angela Hunte]
05 Get Away [ft. Angela Hunte]
06 No Guns Allowed [ft. Drake & Cori B]
07 Fruit Juice [ft. Mr. Vegas]
08 Smoke the Weed [ft. Collie Budz]
09 Tired of Running [ft. Akon]
10 The Good Good [ft. Iza]
11 Torn Apart [ft. Rita Ora]
12 Ashtrays & Heartbreaks [ft. Miley Cyrus]
13 Boulevard [ft. Jahdan Blakkamoore]
14 Remedy [ft. Busta Rhymes & Chris Brown]
15 La La La
16 Harder Times [ft. Jahdan Blakkamoore]



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