Hear Squarepusher's stately remix of Ghostpoet's 'Meltdown'

Ghostpoet’s ‘Meltdown’ has been liquified and recast by Squarepusher. 

Ghostpoet’s gentle muttering is a million miles away from Squarepusher’s furiously intense LED blitzkrieg. The remix sees Jenkinson working around his subject, building a low-key, dubstep-leaning groove spotted with jazzy twinkles and pretty ornamental details. Some controlled distortion aside, ‘Meltdown’ is an unusually sleepy proposition, closer in spirit to Nosaj Thing than much of Ufabulum‘s binary bombast.

Ghostpoet’s new album ‘Some Say I So I Say Light’ is due on May 6. Tony Allen and This Heat’s Charles Hayward are both confirmed to appear on the LP.



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