It’s rare that you get to play Jackanory with somebody as game-changing as DMC, but that’s the position FACT TV found themselves in here.

One third of Run DMC, one of the most influential groups in hip-hop history (and not just for their music, either – their style is still being ripped off today) DMC hung out with us in London to promote Adidas’s new #UniteAllOriginals campaign.

The campaign features the surviving members of Run DMC and Canadian producer A-Trak collaborating on new music – a remix of the group’s classic ‘My Adidas’, as you may have guessed – as well as a fan-controlled video. You can read up on #UniteAllOriginals here; on the above video (part one of two) DMC talks to FACT’s Mr. Beatnick about infiltrating rock music in the ’80s, the group proving their doubters wrong and much more. We shouldn’t need to tell you it’s a must-watch.

Watch out for part two tomorrow.



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