No Tidal subscription necessary.

If you haven’t seen the video for Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ yet, you’ve certainly heard a ton about the 10-minute clip which stars waxworks of celebrities somewhere within West’s orbit all naked and in bed together.

The clip premiered last week at LA arena The Forum, an event that was livestreamed to the public on Tidal before the video languished there to be viewed by only by subscribers. Even if it wasn’t fully available for public consumption, it still generated a lot of commentary from people both portrayed in the video and peripherally related to it.

Chris Brown, whose “naked bottom” makes a cameo complained about his “plumbers butt,” calling West “talented, but CRAZY.” Former United States president George W. Bush confirmed that he is not actually in the clip (orly?), while Taylor Swift’s friend and Girls creator Lena Dunham railed against the video, saying it invoked date rape. Vincent Desiderio, the artist who inspired the tableau, called the video “a feat of magic” and said it “demonstrates how art speaks the language of art.”

Come to your own conclusion, without a Tidal login, below. (And check here for a full breakdown of every cameo.)



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