The Art Angels song was inspired by the Godfather films.

Grimes has explained how she made her song ‘Kill V. Maim’, for the latest episode of the Song Exploder podcast.

Speaking about the impetus behind the Art Angels album track, Grimes, aka Claire Boucher, says she wanted to create a song that would fit “an action sequence in a movie,” and that she began recording the chords on “a crappy old guitar.”

“Everything about the guitars in this song are the by-product of me knowing nothing about guitars. It’s just a complete mess of unprofessionalism,” she explains.

There are “about forty layers of drums” on the track, while Boucher also equates music to fan fiction. She reveals that she had in mind an idea for a fictional movie that would be like “the Godfather with vampires” during the song’s genesis.

Boucher, who in April revealed that she is “halfway done” with her new album, also admits to a hatred of singing. “It’s just not something I identify with at all. I’m pretty much always pretending to be somebody else when I’m singing.” Listen to the full podcast below.

In January, Kelela popped up on Song Exploder to reveal the collaboration behind her 2015 single ‘Rewind’, while last year saw Oneohtrix Point Never unpick ‘Sticky Drama’ and Björk provide some insight into how she made ‘Stonemilker’.



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