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Peder Mannerfelt’s vivid live performance is all about that bass

Earlier this year, FACT’s John Twells and Bryan McKay headed to Montreal with local FACT contributor Son Raw for MUTEK, and talked to a handful of artists about the nature of live performance.

Peder Mannerfelt’s Controlling Body is one of FACT’s favorite albums this year. It’s short, perfectly constructed and varied without being awkwardly eclectic. His live show at MUTEK this year was the album’s ideal accompaniment: challenging and unusual, but vivid and engaging, thanks in part to Argentinian artist Miguel Angel Regalado (aka VJ Gauchito)’s bright, uncompromising visuals.

We caught up with Mannerfelt at MUTEK Montreal to talk about his live setup and the philosophy behind the show. He revealed an almost masochistic desire to make things difficult for himself, saying that while he thinks that the set works better in an “arty” festival setting, he liked it when he had to “work to make it good”.

Peder Mannerfelt is an alumni of the SHAPE platform for innovative music and audiovisual art, which is supported by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.

Directed by Bryan McKay. Interview by Son Raw. Shot by Bryan McKay and John Twells. Produced by John Twells.

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