No longer will you have to make do with playlists.

SoundCloud has finally given users the opportunity to upload music as an album rather than just a playlist.

As well as being an option for new uploads, users can change any existing playlist into an album using the edit page. SoundCloud has also added categories for singles, EPs and compilations, as it outlines in a blog post.


The new function follows several improvements to the platform in the wake of the launch of the SoundCloud Go subscription service earlier this year.

As well as putting an end to random autoplay with a new “suggested tracks” algorithm, SoundCloud subscribers can now get their music mastered for free using cloud-based service LANDR.

SoundCloud has also taken its fair share of criticism from users in the past few months: Four Tet called the service “a total slice of shit” after a track he had remixed was removed for copyright reasons.

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