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FACT mix 589: Aïsha Devi

Heady atmospheres and off-the-wall edits from a unique artist.

Swiss-born, Nepalese-Tibetan producer Aïsha Devi has really hit her stride since launching her Danse Noire label in 2013, though she’s been releasing exploratory electronic music for a long time.

Following the gloriously titled Conscious Cunt EP, a record “about sluts, awareness, death, and women in a patriarchal society”, in 2015 Devi released Of Matter And Spirit on Houndstooth, her first album under her birth name, expanding her techno-spiritualist vision into rugged landscapes of eroded rhythms and ethereal vocal mantras.

The album was brought to life with a live set incorporating vast video projections, a highlight of last year’s MUTEK Montreal, where she explained her concept of music as ritual to FACT TV. More recently Lakker, Throwing Shade and Mind:Body:Fitness put their own spin on tracks from Of Matter and Spirit for a remix EP.

For her FACT mix, Devi has delivered us a total riot, an atmospheric and unpredictable set packed with off-the-wall edits (nu-IDM kid Rian Treanor vs Young Thug, anyone?!) and unreleased goodies from artists like Fis, J.G. Biberkopf and Danse Noire’s IVVVO. The opening “taiko drums edit” of dancehall don Devin Di Dakta is worth the download time alone – this one is for the weirdos.


Devin Di Dakta – ‘Homba Bike’ (Aïsha Devi Taiko Drums Edit)
Gila – ‘Don’t Chirp’
Mother Nature vs Alkaline (Aïsha Devi Edit)
Avbvrn – ‘Seep’
Rian Treanor vs Young Thug (Aïsha Devi Edit)
J.G. Biberkopf – ??? (unreleased)
Ziur – ‘Lilith’ (Ft. RIN)
Yaroze Dream Suite – ‘Spirit Temple’
Kane Ikin – ‘Tap Tap Collapse’
Sangam – ‘Endmost’
‘A Song Of Storm And Fire’
Celestial Trax – ‘Secrets’
Gila – ‘Tuff Whispers’
Shackleton vs 2Pac vs D’eon (Aïsha Devi Edit)
Bolot Bairyshev – ‘Praying’ (Aïsha Devi 5D Edit)
IVVVO – ??? (unreleased)
Venvella – ‘Ops’
poolboy92 – ‘Lips’
Sangam – ‘Bus Shelter’
Boylan – ‘Where Do You Go At Night?’
Keith Jarrett – ‘Fifth (Recognition)’ (Aïsha Devi Double Summertime Edit)
Fis – ??? (unreleased)



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