Sure, you won’t encounter Dizzee Rascal on a Kellogg’s box in the New Year, but it looks like Bow’s brightest son will be difficult to avoid in 2013.

NME report that the Dirtee Stank CEO will drop a new six-track EP on January 1 2013 through iTunes. The collection is being pitched as a trailer for the rapper’s forthcoming fifth LP, which is set to arrive next year. In Dizzee’s words: “It’s all new material and just a taster of all the good new music we got coming in the new year!”

The release will also be supplemented by a video for new track ‘Bassline Junkie’, set to be streamed over at The video will reportedly “have people in stitches” – words which don’t augur too well for those hoping Dizzee might sharpen up his game a bit in 2013.

The second instalment in Dirtee Stank’s The Mixtape series will also drop on Boxing Day. Mixed by DJ MK, the collection is set to feature the likes of Newham Generals, Chronik, Jammer, Bun B, Frisco and P Money.

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