David Lynch, Photek and Yeasayer sign up for Moby remix album

Critical consensus states fairly clearly that Moby’s 2011 album Destroyed was far from his most essential release.

The lukewarm reaction hasn’t stopped Moby from vigorously pushing the record. Following on from last November’s deluxe 3xCD edition, Moby has now a commissioned a remix album, titled Destroyed: Remixed. As Exclaim report, the New York producer has assembled some pretty interesting names for the project.

Principal among the guests is “longtime friend and collaborator” David Lynch (presumably the two have bonded over their shared interest in transcendental meditation). D’n’b legend Photek will contribute, and Brooklyn glam-hippies Yeasayer will also be appearing. There are also a glut of more fist-pumping names: Ferry Corsten, Sasha, and Paul Van Dyk are also on remix duty. Moby himself has mixed the tracks together, and has also added in a 30 minute ambient composition for good measure.

The two discs are thematically divided into ‘Big Room’ tracks and ‘Small Room’ cuts. We’re not sure if this is a way of dividing the bangers from the growers, or some sort of coded feng shui reference – either way, we’ll have to wait until late April to find out.

Destroyed: Remixes is available as a limited edition 2xCD from Moby’s website from April 30.

Disc 1: Big Room
1. Holy Ghost! – “Blue Moon”
2. Arno Cost – “Lie Down in Darkness”
3. John Lord Fonda – “Sevastopol”
4. Basto! – “The Day”
5. Bassjackers – “Lie Down in Darkness”
6. Ferry Corsten – “After”
7. System Divine – “The Low Hum”
8. Sasha – “Victoria Lucas”
9. Paul van Dyk – “Lie Down in Darkness”
10. Eddie Thoneick – “The Day”
11. Gregor Tresher – “Lie Down in Darkness”
12. Kleerup – “The Right Thing”
13. Tommy Trash – “After”

Disc 2: Small Room:
1. Photek – “Lie Down in Darkness”
2. Yeasayer – “The Day”
3. The Dø – “The Right Thing”
4. David Lynch – “The Poison Tree”
5. Moby – “Rockets”
6. Ben Hoo – “The Right Thing”
7. Moby – “The Broken Places”
8. Moby – “Maria”
9. Moby – “All Sides Gone”



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