Were you one of the unlucky folk left out of pocket when The Who cancelled their Providence, Rhode Island show on December 17 1979? Good news!

The band are set to return to Providence in February 2013 to play at the city’s Dunkin’ Donuts Center (yes, really). The Guardian report that anyone who has kept hold of their unredeemed tickets from 34 years earlier will get free entry to the show.

Venue director Lawrence Lepore threw down the gauntlet to ageing fans: “If you got a ’79 ticket we will find a way for you to come in and see the show. Somewhere, someplace, someone’s got [a ticket] stashed. The question is, are they willing to give that up? If they are, we’re willing to take it.” All redeemed tickets – originally sold for $14 – will be subsequently sold on to raise funds for the state’s Special Olympics.

The band’s original show, scheduled to take place in what was then the Providence Civic Center, was pulled by mayor Buddy Cianci after 11 fans died in crushes at the band’s stop in Cincinatti earlier that year. Perhaps Bloc ticket holders can look forward to that full refund in 2046?



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